Harry & Meghan Called Whiny Brats

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Hey guys happy Monday and welcome to daily pop. I mean a- Parker joined by so my favorite. Silvester Aunt Victor Cruz A. You know we are going to go in this morning. Because someone is calling, Harry and Meghan tone death, whiny Brat S-. That person of course is Pierce Morgan who else pierce like the rest of US got a first look at the new book about the royals called finding freedom. It's a very personal and intimate look at their lives, and in today's Daily Mail Pierces the book. Confirms Up There Rawls, most that they are the world's most tone-deaf, hypocritical, narcissistic, deluded whiny Brat long to say. Do you guys agree with his assessment? Not even close not even close when you look at Harry and Meghan. You have to understand this okay. The royal family didn't work I. Think I think Harry First of all was just. He's a person that likes to spread his wings. He likes to do what he wants to do. And it just so happens that he found a partner that is rotten with him and wants to do the things he wants to do so look. They separated from the Royal Family I. Get it, but they still got to bring in the coin. So of course they're going to drop a book. Of course, it's going to be things about their their intimate parts of their life. That's going to be in the book. It has to sell copies, but do I think they're whining brats, because they're kind of letting people in into their loz little bit absolutely not coming from someone who has a New York Times bestselling book myself. You can go pick it up at Barnes and noble. You can. This is what you have to do to. You gotta give people a little bit of something personal so that they can go in and buy your book. That's what this is all about well I. I brought I bought. Cruise Control Victor and there was nothing personal in it, okay? We'll let me just. A REP from hearing. Megan told us that they did not contribute to the book. So this is not fair book. This is an author that claims that they spoke to over one hundred sources, which is how they got such personal information, so the book is about them, but they didn't write it. The sources gave them all the information from today's Arthur. First of all. Nina, you know as well as I. Know working in this business. We know that every celebrity has a few henchmen. You know my name on it I. Don't want to get my hands dirty, but wouldn't it be crazy if you're over? At TMZ found out about this personal detail. Look the thing is I do ride for Megan Harry? Understand everything that's going on with them, and I feel bad for them. However, the one thing that was missing in this book was them taking accountability for at least one thing. That's the only problem I have with. This I could see where they felt like they were trapped. I could see where they felt like they had been turned against, but they're just not taking accountability for anything at all. It's not their book. It's not their book. How do they take accountability for something? They didn't right. Come on, come on. Kirk five written. Book. Does like her five germ ability. If you decide to write something about my life, I don't have to take accountability for anything. It's not my book. You wrote it. But it's there. It's still going to come out and it's still going to be things in there that are probably true and depending on what those are. They should probably own up to a couple of those, and it's not anything wrong or anything bad about them. They're living their own lives right now. They're doing what they wanted to drink, so I wouldn't mind owning up to one. Maybe two of those things that are being said is. Is a lot because they don't want to go. This traditional route and I also think that there is a huge disconnect with how it relates to a lot of this because she's American because she's a celebrity from America and she had a different way of life, and also because she's a black woman, and I feel like there's been a lot of insensitivity to hurt that regard for how she's been treated in the press the way. Way that she's been treated compared to everybody else has been completely different because they didn't have to deal with a lot of the same type of headlines that she did. She felt very triggered by the way that she was treated by a lot of the press in Britain, because of the fact that a lot of it was race baiting a lot of it was. You know saying things that were really offensive to her, so of course. Course she's very defensive when she's dealing with that. And then also the fact that she was very popular coming over there, and so they were saying that she was kind of taking over for him, because she she was more popular than K., and that's to be expected so a lot of it, not that it's not her fault, but it's like look if my light is shining bright and this overshadowing. You said you'll came up, don't. Know Tena. Not that Nina I totally get it at the same time. If you're walking into institution that's been built for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years. Sometimes, you gotta learn the ropes before you start stepping out before you get crazy now. Not saying what she did was wrong I just would have played my game a little bit slower. I would follow. Call before jumping ship and surprising and enrolling up on the que-, being like hey, all we hear from Canada. Talked about Leonardo's. Popularity grew like that. It's not her fault that the attention came to her the way it did when she got there. It wasn't her fault, and it's not that she linked up with Harry who was riding with her, and it was like you know what we're doing this on our own less rocker

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