Why the World Is Watching a Military Takeover in Mali


For some months now in Mali there has been a feeling that something had to give on Tuesday. It gave soldiers descended upon the capital Bamako from the nearby garrison town of Kati and arrested the President and Prime Minister Gruff Gentlemen Clad in cocky appeared on state television and declared themselves in charge while offering the vague reassurances about a return to democracy traditional in such circumstances, it was a classic coup d'etat. The immediate backstory dates back to April and Molly's most recent parliamentary elections. These were clouded by violence including the kidnapping still-unsolved of prominent opposition to Somalia say and followed by accusations of subterfuge by June thousands of people were protesting in Bamako demanding the resignation of President Ibrahim Boubacar cater in July at least eleven of these protesters were killed when security forces opened fire on demonstrations an opposition movement known as m five RFP coalesced around an influential Imam Mahmoud Deco.

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