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Seven police officers have been suspended. President Trump is calling this week's reports in the Atlantic a total ly dismissing it as another political attack. The Atlantic cited unnamed sources for its report alleging the president made disparaging remarks about followed members of the military. A gas explosion near a mosque in Bangladesh has killed 13 people and injured at least 30, others. NPR's Lauren Frayer reports. Most of the dead were worshippers at a mosque just outside Bangladesh's capital. They were just about to end their evening prayers when the building exploded. Officials say it was caused by a leak from a nearby pipeline. The gas may have seeped inside the mosque and then become trapped there. A senior fire officials has a spark from an air conditioner inside could have been ignited The blast. Among the dead was at least one child. Many of the victims were burned badly and was rushed to a specialized hospital for burn victims. Fire safety and building codes in Bangladesh are poor and accidents like this sadly happen often. Lauren Frayer NPR NEWS Corona virus Infections in India have crossed the four million mark, making India the third country to surpass that mark. After the United States and Brazil, India added more than 86,000 cases today. This is NPR news.

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