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Hello I'm Naomi Lewin welcome to. Classics for kids. Think of the most brilliant talented kid. You know maybe somebody in your class now imagine if that person couldn't be in class because starting at the age of five he or she was off performing for presidents, kings queens all sorts of world leaders. Well, that's what it was like to be both gung. Amadeus Mozart. Mozart was born in Salzburg Austria where his father leopold was a violinist and composer when Mozart junior was three, he climbed up to the keyboard and just started playing. That's when Mozart senior realized he had a genius on his hands. So he started the touring Mozart show he took his son both gun and his daughter Nano on the road to perform for royalty they went all over Europe. Sometimes staying away from home for years at a stretch everyone was amazed at how well the children played and especially at how well little both gone could improvise. That is makeup music on the spot using whatever tune they gave him. Votes, are composed his first piece when he was five had his first music published when he was seven and wrote his first opera at the age of twelve he was a Whiz at the keyboard and the violin most of Mozart's concertos for those instruments here for himself to play. Lose Friends with the best musicians of the day. So he wrote Concertos for their instruments to, for instance the French Horn. One friend played a newfangled instrument that Mozart. Loved the clarinet. A Concerts that he and other people put on Mozart wrote symphonies. And for celebrations he wrote serenade. When he worked for the Prince Archbishop of Salzburg the man who also employed his father Mozart composed religious music. Having, toured all over Europe as a child Mozart did not want to stay in Salzburg working for the Prince Archbishop when he grew up even though that's put his father wanted. So he moved to the big city of Vienna, which was full of music theatre and opera in Vienna Mozart married Constanza Vaber. He'd actually fallen in love with her older sister I and he tried to find steady work that he thought was worthy of how talented he was. Mozart had a hard time as an adult. He couldn't get over being a child prodigy the very talented kid back. Then grownup musicians were considered servants by the nobles who hired them, but kings and empresses had made a huge fuss over Mozart when he performed for them as a child so he didn't think of himself as a servant. He also never learned how to manage money. He couldn't resist the urge to buy new clothes or a piano or a billiard table whatever he wanted. Mozart. Died just before his thirty fifth birthday. It's amazing. How much incredibly beautiful music he wrote in such a short

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