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Believer, my family. We are believers. We're strong people of faith. So that is part of our core nucleus. We love family. We believe in that we believe in in mental health outlets. We believe in all of the things that will make us healthy mind. Bye. The and soul album. Yeah, So you mentioned a protective factor when it comes to hope is faith is believing God. I mean, that is why you have the lowest suicide rates around of with African American females because they have the highest level of religion religiosity. So when we start talking about faith, you talked about African American women in searches. You can lean on that that God has seen pandemics before We start talking about the faith community and we started people going. To their churches and being part of a cycle and being connected. Leaning on faith, especially for people of color is a protective factor. And so that is what we have to in steel this in our Children this in 18 24 to help them understand how does staying during times of stress that God is still on the throne? You can find the silver lining in the dark cloud like purposes. We talk about black lives matter.

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