Cathy Horyn on Why Fashion Media Must Evolve


Ala Kathy. I'm good you. You're in Virginia. Farm. Yeah. You're Minova Farm in Virginia and made avail in. London. and. Roundabout now could be looking forward to seeing each other at fashion shows as we have done for the last. How many years? We. Want to exit. Thirty five. Something, like Nineteen eighty-seven age is not. About you were at the Detroit repress. Short News. used. And I was limited. From magazine in Canada in Toronto Canada. And we could never have anticipated what's happened to the world because? We read about things like this in history and And you know industry is being so savagely impacted. By everything that's happened and it's it's great that we're talking today because I subscribe to new magazine. you write for the. Your magazine and you've just done this enormous piece interviewing designers about the here and now their lives and. The future of the industry, and that's exactly what was supposed to be talking about today. So that's put certain. I can say to you. Tell us what you've been doing with. China's for the last. Well it started out. You Know Stella Buckby at runs the cut we were talking in now late April I think about like what do we WANNA do? For All this book Ended up being part of the. The main magazine in the preview section of what's happening in the fall. But anyway, we started talking about that and I said, you know I really just I want to talk to the the leading designers you know the the big creative minds and. Where we sort of going I, mean, it just feels different even now and I think about how we all felt what on March second and March third when we were still in Paris in winding up with. No the Balenciaga show in the retail show the last days and felt so innocent but then it felt quite different by the end of April. With Europe. All shutdown down the US at least New York Shutdown So, anyway, everybody you know it's it's Raff Simmons Marc Jacobs. Nikola just gear Mutya Rico Kuba. There's there's twelve or thirteen, and all and Everybody was home. So I had lots of time to talk to them, and they had lots of time and we talked in some cases, three times over the summer or rejects dinner we had emails that kind of thing. So it was fun. Now was there a consensus? Among people what the future holds I think you have a different view specifically of how people want will probably want address. Some bring that up pretty clearly like mmj at. I think a lot of people are really concerned You know the the. What's going on with the fashion system people have been talking about that at Nauseam for a while. So that came up a lot RAFF had a lot to say about that I think they certainly spent the month of March and April thinking a lot about this Marc Jacobs a lot and he put some of that up on Instagram to. You know coming off at incredible show that he did in February in New York and just thinking and you know he he had to lay off people on his designed team and others had take salary cuts. That the problem across the industry. And so they were talking a lot about that, and then of course, Allesandro from Goodie. Brought his his instagram out a one was mid may saying we're GONNA go to two meetings to to runway shows a year. So I think a lot of the stuff has been brewing. Yeah, and the bottom line is I, mean to me. I think it comes through in the pieces. It's all an individual choice. You know like you know Michael Kors has made his decision. What he's GonNa do I think Gucci's made their decision to Michael Burke for this piece is the CEO of Vitale and you know. They're gonNA. You know he thinks that the traveling runway shows the future. So all that concerned about you know how big the shows I think I think in the long run we'll see a I mean in the short run will see. Pause, as as we as we deal with the pandemic and we don't know what quite the end game is on that. So I think we've seen a lot of experimentation in the last six weeks two months with digital perform digital shows and presentations and. I think going forward. You know you know it's a huge industry i. think that's the thing is bleak as it seems is a huge industry.

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