Nintendo marks the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. with games, products and in-game events

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Finally after many months of rumors the Mario Three. D. Packages collection officially announced surprise announced by Nintendo. This morning along with a bunch of other Mario announcements to coincide with his thirty fifth anniversary so. Super Mario Three D all-stars collection announcer switch mireles sixty four miles sunshine. Mario Galaxy out very soon. September eighteenth lots of people are. Apparently excited for it. pre ordering the game right now as we speak But there are also some reasons to maybe be a little bit irked. About the whole situation here some people are wondering why there's no more got institute in the collection. Some people were hoping for a little bit more Polish they're not remakes their ports of his games and also apparently they're only going to be available until March thirty first of next year package deal. Package and then what? Nobody knows what the future holds. Okay. The sunshine is in wide screen. It's and sixteen by nine and I think that's the only change like otherwise supporting the game's over Is Sixty four, sixty, four in screen. Also right now, I don't think so. Weird. Really In the trailer, they filled it into end with their. Is. Showing it they zoomed then yeah. They must have because I I i. think they explicitly said that only sunshine has been made wide-screen man that's so strange. They did that with band Kazoo just fine on the on the xbox a once and that was an Stevenson. I don't so much mind playing the original sixty four. My my only concern is, what have they done anything with the camera like the actually given it a camera that you can control. I'm sure the. It's like that will make that game. That's that's what makes that game hard to play for me the Federal Ian Control the camera I don't think it's that bad I. Don't think it's a it's a showstopper but I do know that the C- stick version of stuff was Kinda strange lot of the time to cameras a lot of work for you. It's definitely definitely feels like a different era of game, but it's nothing like playing rugby but one now or something like that. Yeah. I replayed my sixty four recently and That's one of my favorite games of all time. So I know inside now but yeah, you definitely spend a lot of time fighting the camera and. Many companies including Nintendo figured out how to do three camera in in the years after my sixty four, it came out. Yeah. Ahead. Okay. I I'm I'm a little bit down on this news. My Galaxy to is incredibly underrated and I think incredibly underplayed. Absence kind of baffling and inexplicable I understand why three world is not included because. They Nintendo does have sort of cottage industry of porting over we you games onto the switch and it's coming. You know what? You're probably GONNA get to it's coming as its own you know sort of full-fledged for. You know no three d land from the three s in no especially no Mario Galaxy to. Is a big bummer for me Instead of these three games, sixty bucks, you know some of which are over twenty years old in the case of Mario Sixty four it's a new bums me out like I I I'm I'm a little underwhelmed to. Sam How you feeling about. I it's amazing. I don't really like Meyer. Galaxy. Mario OCCC two. So I don't really care about those games but I really really really WANNA play sixty four on the go always, and then sunshine is ordering my favorite Games ever I. think it's so great. I'm worried about like I'll try galaxy again, but it's a little bit too acrobatic. Kind of run to the end of the level based for me and I think it's really cool. For what it is, but I like the more explorer type stuff goes no I think that I'm really confused about what they'll do because a lot of things just requires you to point at something and like shake we remote to just a lot of that in that game and so I guess we'll just change with button prompts where you'll dislike head you'll jump from planet to planet to planet the planet. Because there, there's a lot of like Gimmickry in that game for the we remote, they clearly will have to take out the the the two players stuff, and I'm saying that fully knowing that the switches capable of point controls, just half of the switches out there don't have those the system they address that you actually they re say you will have to buy a set of joy cons if you want to go. On and you can sink joy cons to your this which led yeah. Don't get. So maybe they'll have those options and then they'll also have the ability to change. Turn them off which be cool Yeah like I. This collection is just one of the things today and everything that that was announced. It was just like the coolest. coolest. That I wish was at an e three so I can walk around and see that booth.

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