Places of Vulnerability with Meredith Talusan



How's it going? I just got haircut. Go on I. got my my quarantine haircut. Okay Okay Everything. Tell me tell me how this happened. I mean the way it happened was that I wanted a haircut and I got one. but long johns are close right now. Closeness how you did this? Yes I. Okay. So I have not had a haircut since I think September. Mahathir's gotten very long. Which is fine and has been fine. But you know my children's hair is kind of a little. Length and also just it needed some help and I was really ready for a haircut and my beloved hairstylist Chai. is seeing clients outside mast. We should say that only indoor beauty salons closed, but you can give haircuts outside, but a lot of most salons are not set up to do that. Yes. There is a barber shop near me. That just has a barber chair outside and a barber giving haircuts radio on the sidewalk which. I find kind of delightful but this was you know I I have a relationship with my stylist we like. She knew. Are. Quarantine boundaries and we talked you know she was clear about. How she handles things and she's very meticulous and her cleaning in space giving and her mask wearing and my kids and I all wore masks and we didn't touch except for her hands on our hair. and. I feel really I feel like it was a decision. That's great. Now, you who've been talking briefly. You had been you've been contemplating perhaps going short. Yeah I'm still long I went long. I I approve I really like your long hair. You're the first person I think to compliment my long hair and it made me feel good about my like I hadn't even really realized it had gotten long and one day you were like Oh your hair and I'm I'm just Kinda you know I have not had very long hair. In about twenty years and I should say like when I was in college and high school I had like you know hair past my boobs. I. Had a girl on fish tour in nineteen ninety-seven hair. And? It's Kinda getting back there and I it's very hot. Having Long. It's very hot. Yes. How it looks I really like it and so I'm I feel like this is a fun time to just explore new hairstyle and you know my plan is just grow and grow, and whenever I cut it I would like to donate it if I can so. I don't know I have long hair now dory that. So I am I'm into this for you. Well. Thank you Yeah I was really I was. It felt really nice and like I have one of my kids like they have very thick thick hair error that is really bothering them right now and so it really. Comes to have it. Handled by a professional so I felt like it was a good. I. Don't know it was definitely an and thing we. We all really wanted to do so I'm. Glad to have done it. To go vacuum up a lot of hair out on our patio. What's happening over here fresh hair. Fresh hair that's exciting. I. Haven't cut my hair since. November. October November, are you contemplating outdoor trend? Or is that just not a our agenda just not on my agenda right now I am not confident that the that the person who cuts my hair. Is maintaining social distancing and I don't think I would feel comfortable having them. Cut My hair right now. And my hair is long like I. Think if if my hair was short as it has been for a lot of time in the in recent memory that I would feel if I still had bangs I would feel like Oh. Gosh I really go haircut. But now here's sort of like long and straight and it's like All right. Yeah. So I haven't. I haven't like sought out a haircut. Nor if I sought out hair color. Just kind of like. All right this this this is it. I mean grant. It is what it is. I. I feel I feel completely just like neutral about it. You know what? I mean Do I mean. Also like it is it is For. Many of us, it's not necessary so like you're good row. Okay. But you know what? I don't feel neutral about what? My eyebrows, oh fascinating. Your I feel like. Rouser like out of control. Okay. This fascinating. Well, we're growing them out for awhile. Yes. Yes. I have been growing out for like two years but as part of that growing out, still I was still getting them shaped every few months. And I'm now so nervous about. Maintaining them myself because I feel like in the past I've really overpe plucked. That I'm I'm scared to touch them myself. And now, I just feel like they look like. Two

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