Fireworks, ammonium nitrate likely fueled Beirut explosion


Explosion in Lebanon's capital city kills at least 100 people and injures for 1000 Maur this morning. Some residents are searching the debris in the streets of Beirut frantically looking for missing loved ones. The source of the blast remains unclear, but Lebanese investigators are focusing on a warehouse. That held tons of the explosive ammonium nitrate, suggesting an industrial accident. ABC Georgiana Miller reports from Jerusalem. The root is a city in shock and grief. Some officials comparing the massive explosions at the port to the atomic bombing of Hiroshi Mima. Health officials say the blast killed at least 100 people. They do expect the death toll to rise given dozens or presumed trapped under rubble. Hospital struggling to treat at least 4000 injured residents, Lebanon's prime minister confirmed Firming 2750 metric tons of stored ammonium nitrate blew up, but it's still unclear what initially set the chemicals on fire. Giordano Miller ABC NEWS Jerusalem Initial reports was that was of fireworks manufacturing plant.

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