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Back to books and Boba Club in pocket, which impose Asian and Asian American Authors Marinas Marina. And I'm re-re. You and we are here today our mid month episode toward the month of. July July. Twenty twenty. How're you doing? Good I can't believe that we're ready like halfway into July. Honestly if each like just started no right. Also, I realized that because Marvin and I used to record in studio. I used to see Marvin by twice a month in person, but we haven't. We haven't seen each other in like. Ever since March I don't think we've seen each other. It's been. It's been a while I think the last time we saw each other was when we were recording. What was our? Was? Our February book even. Was! It not south no map assault stars. was after I. Think it was May. who was such a long time, we? Can just look it up right now. I'm looking at right now. Because the Internet exists, I don't WanNa be one of those people who don't know how Gorka. Let's see now that there's like this website where you put in a Google Inc and then you send you send it to someone who asks you a question right like they could totally yes. Let let me Google there for you. Yeah, yeah, I back. When I was in Grad School, I was send to. My classmates would ask me dumb questions. They can just google themselves. sat quite a lot. In College as well our February Book Club pick was the kiss quotient. God so the one recorded with your friend Kaitlyn. That was our last the last time we saw each other. That's wow. Yeah. I feel like These past few months has reinforced idea that. I'm. Pretty Okay with staying at home all the time, which is something I didn't really know about myself or didn't remember about myself. What's your? What's your Myer Briggs by the way? I know it's I. I know it's complete bullshit, but. It does give me a good handle on whether someone is a really extroverted or introverted, and so my with the Myers Briggs is like so if I take the test I usually test at an NF, which is like the Uber. But because of the people I work with I'm often forced to take the set characteristics. So people are often surprised that I am at NFP because I was surprised, too. Because you know like your co host used to be Mindy. The. She does now she now does first of all which is. which is one of the PODCASTS Einar podcast collective and Like she's she's definitely like more extroverted. She's an actress, so yeah I was pretty surprised once I started co hosting with you. I thought it was just going to be to interest talking about books. That totally was not the case. The thing with like introvert extrovert is it's not really. Outgoing. This isn't the it's a trait of extroverts, but it's not. It's more of a symptom than like a core thing, right extroverts just means I. IF I'm out with people are like I can stay up all night. socializing gives me energy instead of expending energy I. Mean I think that's the core difference so? but but what I found is I do gain energy from socializing even online with people so I don't need face to face to be energized and the complete opposite for for. I mean like my Myers Briggs is on twitter, so a lot of people probably know already, but I am I've tested as I N T J. and. socializing is definitely not my strong point. Every time I do go out to Asian American like shindigs. People are always surprised that I'm there. 'cause tonight, because I, really I. Really don't go out. I'm pretty much a unicorn if you see me out in about. So I definitely adapted to the whole self isolation thing. Better than others I mean it helps. There's a lot of media to enjoy at home so I've been seeing a lot Final fantasy like the past. The past three weeks. Grace I recently I talked about this on some of the other pockets that I'm on I binged content this past week, so I washed the old guard, and that I watched all three seasons of dark, I watched the first season of umbrella academy I watched both current seasons of food wars, the the horny food anime, and then I went online and read the rest of the Manga series, so it's been Dan Marvin. I have unhealthy binge habits, which is why I try not to binge as much as possible because. Once I start something I will finish it. It's like it's not even it's not even a of a question. And then I'll spend the next ten hours reading pieces and analysis, so which is why like when you were watching killing eve as it was airing. It definitely curbed that addiction. I know but I've phone behind killing eve so now I have a whole season to binge later, so it's so good Marin about that So good. Yeah, I mean. It's the same with books to write I typically read books in like s few sittings as possible because. A because I have zero self-control, and if you give me the chance to just stay up all night and read something and free or something. I will take that chance

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