New York makes liquor-infused ice cream legal


Ice cream does what it says on the box box selling selling that that sweet sweet treat treat that that could could you you could could leave leave you you sloppy sloppy has has just just been been made made possible possible in in New New York York through through a a bill bill passed passed by by the the Legislature Legislature there, there, but but What's What's the the legality of selling products infused with booze? Relatively legal correspondent Amy Feldman takes a look. For those of you slapping your foreheads, wondering why nobody thought of that before and why you had to pick up both an ice cream cone and a beer like a commoner. If you wanted to get both fat and drunk, the fact is infusing products with alcohol is not a new concept, and the FDA knows it. Most cough medicines contain alcohol, some as much as 40% of the product. Mouthwash also contains alcohol as to common extracts like vanilla. Under the law, The ingredient list must contain the alcohol and what percent of the product it comprises. Although many people don't read the label, and even so, it's hard to tell how much you can eat before you're tipsy. So your lawyer will tell you to avoid driving. If you've eaten food or over the counter medicine with alcohol, and your nutritionist will tell you to get a bowl for a scoop of liquor infused ice cream rather than eating the whole court with a spoon. From the judge group. Maybe Feldman for K Y W News radio. They are

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