I did one more. Gye Broadcast. Band. Now you. That cost out and started listening I took my microphone found some human. Then I recalled it all the noises while. I name as at Buxton. I want you to enjoy. That's the. Hey. How doing podcasts this is Adam Buxton here. Nice to be with you again. Amount for a walk with my dog friend. Dog is up ahead. A name is Rosie. She's a whippet poodle cross. And my wife thinks we should have our bed. But I. think that's disgusting. No disrespect to rosy is implied. Breath is stinky. She sheds quite a bit of hair and. Rosy is a bit of a handful to okay. In price for. You know I've been archiving all my old videotapes recent if you're a regular podcast. You will know that over the last few weeks. Nearly three months in fact. I think I began in May. I have been in the process of digitizing. All the old mini dv tapes that I have in my house. Old Home Movies have family and friends. There's all the. Work stuff that I've done. All the rushes from four series of the Adamant Joe Show and various other. Adam and JOE PROJECTS WELL OVER THOUSAND HOURS OF FOOTAGE And a couple of days ago. I digitized the very final tape. Then yesterday. I began the process of organizing the digitized footage into separate full does this is an interesting story on The twelve terabyte hard drives that I got hold of all kinds of stuff. And as I was doing so I began to see that they were. Bits missing the numbers didn't add up. and. I started to realize that about Hof the digitized footage. That I've spent the last. Ten Weeks, eleven weeks. Laboriously ingesting. On my computer. Had vanished. And I searched for them and there were no results showing up in the search bar I looked everywhere, and I just couldn't find half of the footage that I know that I had digitized. Hundreds of hours of work and you've got to stand over the laptop and make sure that the tape still going some of the older tapes. Kind of costs out or they they just stop ingesting and you've got to keep prompting carry on going just think you're doing a great job. Best right going. That kind of thing. So you call set them off. Off The tapes had gone. WHO's very sad and I realized like. I must have just. Accidentally. Erased them or tried to back them up onto a separate drive and pressed the wrong button I don't know. I've done it before. But I haven't done it for a while. and. It is one of the worst feelings in the world. Because you're already, I already worried that the actual process of. Archiving oldest stuff was somewhat. Redundant. And I knew that I wouldn't be able to just get over it and carry on with my life. I would have to go back and re digitize all that missing footage. So the whole process was complete. In the olden days, I would have gone into a depression for about three days. and made life more or less intolerable for everyone around me. But I'm glad to say that I was able to. Rise above it. And not be an absolute creek. Great. I mean I was very sad and I sat down with Rosie for a while and. She looked at me and said I'm sorry. I think you'll just get you know get into the age now. It's easy to press the wrong button. Convince yourself that you've been careful. Don Good job. And actually you haven't because you're just stupid L.. Anyway this morning. I went back carried on the process of. Organizing the folders. And Guess. What? I found the footage. All of it I stuck it in the wrong folder in in some weird folder, and for whatever reason, the search bar on the laptop I was using just wasn't giving me the right results footage. was there all along? It was just hidden. It was the greatest feeling and. It was. A. It's going to be the lost proper podcasts for few weeks. I'll be back sometime in mid to late September but I'm leaving you with a a great conversation with a returning guests to the podcast the writer Zedi Smith Eighty facts I'm recycling some of these zedi facts from the last times eighty on the podcast. Christened Sadie. Smith. She was born in one, thousand, nine, seventy, five to a Jamaican mother and an English father and grew up in northwest London. She has a half sister, a half brother, and two younger brothers who are wrapping men. One goes by the name of Luke Sky's the other is doc Brown who is also an actor and comedian and was my guest on episode nineteen if the podcast back in two thousand sixteen. Zedi achieved phenomenal crossover success with her debut novel White Teeth published back in two thousand and still popping up on best books ever lists today latest is a collection of six essays under the title intimations. She probably wanted to call it. Ramble book that title was already taken. As you will hear, she began writing those essays, a series of reflections and character studies from Cova Times in the early part of the lockdown this year twenty twenty. In case you need reminding while she was still living in New York. where she had lived for I, think about a decade or something. She was teaching out that, but now she and her husband, the novelist and poet Nick lead and the two children. Are Back in the UK living in London. From where Zedi spoke to me via the Internet. Towards the end of July. I don't think this is one of those conversations where I have to particularly set up anything that we talked about. It was a fun freewheeling sometimes deep sometimes not so deep chat Zedi. And it was really a pleasure to talk to her. I'll be back at the end for exciting news about my new finally revamped website. which as I speak, should be up and running but right now with Zayd Smith here we go. People. D-. I'm waiting for.

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