Gun Charges Filed Against Los Angeles County DA Lacey’s Husband In Home Confrontation With Black Lives Matter


The husband of a county D a Jackie Lacey, who's accused of pulling a gun on black lives matter. Protestors now facing misdemeanor charges. State attorney General Have your Sarah has filed three counts of assault with a firearm against David Lacey in connection with the confrontation in March outside the couple's home. Of course, we're encouraged and surprised, pleasantly surprised that the attorney general has chosen to file charges. Molina Abdullah's a cofounder of BLM, Ella, she says. David Lacey pointed the gun at her and others with her. She describes the experience is traumatizing. And while we hope for justice, we didn't we weren't under the illusion that we would get it. We weren't under the illusion that there would be charges filed. You know, the flip side of it is three misdemeanor counts is not in this. We know that if David Lacey was not who he is, he would be facing felony charges. David Lacey's attorney says in a statement that he and his client disagree entirely with Theeighties assessment, but have the utmost faith in the justice system and are confident that the correct result will be

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