Twitter Expecting FTC Fine of up to $250M for Alleged Privacy Violations


Twitter is under investigation by the Federal Trade Commission. NPR's Shannon Bond reports, The tack comedy could be on the hook for a multi $1,000,000 fine related to privacy violations. The FTC is looking into Twitter's privacy practices. The probe is related to what the Social network did with the phone numbers and email addresses that users provided for account security. Last fall, Twitter admitted it had been using that data to target people with ads for years. It's said that was an error and it would stop the practice. Now. The FTC is investigating whether Twitter violated a 2011 agreement made with the agency not to mislead consumers about how it uses their information. In a securities filing. Twitter says it is setting aside $150 million for a potential fine but could end up paying up to $250 million. Shannon Bond. NPR NEWS SAN

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