Best Of Channel 85 Week 18 - Jeff Foxworthy, An Ex-Mobster & The Yak Potluck - burst 32


On loop on our drive back to West Virginia so Grab. Their fan base teenage girls that dietetic. Tight to cookie monster cookie monster bills with a siren shoes. I think you're describing female battery. That's the sound of overlap. About You know how when you visit back to my some of Michael, Jackson songs and you're like wait was he talking about the and like like his is the man in the mirror him like realizing his wrongs and like I don't say I have to stop pedophile in like is this guy writing songs don't have the death this about witchcraft. If. You Watch the video, it'll confirm. This sounds like a low five version of CALEBS TERMI into a street shown us it kind of has that same vibe without getting into a full like for as you cou fuck and like paint getting slammed against the wall. Yeah. I didn't like that that much. Morris is the chorus of course, just hit for you. Did you I'm picturing you guys right back to West Virginia and just listening to this over and over again for like hours. The Hours.

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