How To Have A Movie Night Under The Stars


Most movie theaters is still shut down amid the pandemic. What's a big screen movie loving family in Illinois to do? Are you tired of Netflix movies on the couch? Well, how about turning your backyard into a theater? Apparently the latest trend people buying big screens for their backyard and having movie nights under the Stars blew tag Leah with Abd Elektronik CE in Chicago. The trend is to get outside to get outside of the home where you're sitting around with 14 people on top of each other. Get outside. We've got more space. Enjoy the warm, beautiful weather we have right now in view TV and listening music outside easier than ever everything from projecting a movie on a bed sheet to big high end systems costing thousands of dollars. Movies under the stars in your backyard, the latest trend thanks to the Corona virus in Mount Prospect, Illinois. The backyard. I'm Jeff Flock. Fox News.

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