Between Renting and Buying, Unagi Offers Personal Scooters With a Subscription

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These scooters. There are many of them out there. But how many of them can you subscribe to? David Hyman has a company called. And he is offering read full not reynolds but subscription. To instead of paying a thousand dollars for a new scooter David wants to tell you all about subscription. Hi David. How's it going tests you same here or tell everybody what you got. Sure. So We started Nadi about two and a half years ago. Because we felt that there was a market in this game from my own personal experience of people want to own scooters have one in their possession. It's up, rent them on the street and I got frustrated with ridesharing scooters both. From kind of a at Adnan experience, where wrote a lime scooter to a whole foods and I came out with my groceries and? was. Gone because somebody took it wrote away back and I had just bought inexpensive pint of ice cream and I ended up walking home with melted ice cream. And I thought why don't I just own one of these things like Not, not to mention the urban blight, right that the separate conversation I know you're down in. Southern California people can't hit three steps in tripping over one, right so. I just like the ownership model all. and. So we launched to ninety two years ago. Our hunch was correct. We we were selling hundreds a month, and since covid has hit, we are now showing thousands of. With folks s by coming on board to carry our scooter and new Europe Europe photographer being H Photo Outta Rama. Now Sell our scooter. Are Scooters it's the best electric. Scooter. Poured. Electric Scooter you can own this. Don't just take my word for it There's over a hundred reviews online that states the best electric scooter you could have, but it's a thousand dollars and not everyone can afford that. So we've been asking yourself, how have we reach abroad her audience? And so What is this? When is this going? Live this life when you want it to go live? So. So Logging all access is our new subscription service. It is thirty nine dollars a month. No commitment. There's a one time fifty dollars setup fee. And that's it. We bring it to Your Place Felice ambled. It's dropped off by an inaugural represented if You don't have to assemble it. Don't have to deal with the box and whenever you're done with it, we come and pick it up. But. We think that. Indian. That's New York because of the tour. Angeles in New York, city is where we're launching. Correct. If anything ever goes wrong with the scooter we at your door and under twenty four and we just hot swap another one. So you know skewed downtime. And Insurance is included. So, if anything goes wrong with the scooter, if it's stolen or any form of damage. There's an eighty, five dollar deductible. Now you said you started the company based on melted ice cream. So what happens when you ride your scooter to whole foods and walkout in walk into the store to get the Ice Cream? What do you do with your scooter that you are now subscribing to? So you can either lock it like a bicycle regular you locked works. Scooter so light I throw it in my shopping cart. That's what I did. I mean, it is. It's twenty six pounds. It's the kind of thing that you can bring it any cafe or restaurant. You know we we sell thousands a month, the normal use case with our scooters that. You take it. Everywhere you go and we really designed for portability. Normal. Users under not. Ride to. Our or a subway can take it on the subway and then pop out and take it with them. It takes up no footprint on the subway. It's got one plate folding mechanism only weighs twenty six pounds and it's you know how to arrange and it's electric. So it moves along. Nineteen miles an hour. I mean, you know it's gone incredible amount of torque because it's dual motor see can go fairly steep hills with it. And where do you make them? We make them in Shenzhen. Okay. Everything else okay. Correct. But we are in American company eight I'm proud to say, I, think out of every electric scooter company than. Scooters were the only American based electric, Scooter Company. And our customer services you incredible. So we treated like Patagonia were the only electric company that has a phone number. You can call people pick up the phone and talk to you. Now is the reason that sales went up the delete because of the maybe a lot of people don't want to take the bus and be around people and things like that. Yeah, I mean there's been this kind of seismic shift towards quota. Personal transportation people not wanting to get on public transportation, not get on ride shares, not getting share googlers, shared lifts, and so there's a real need right now you know there's especially you know New York skiers are becoming legal on Sunday. There there's you know we went volt markets to start because we couldn't choose between the two. La Is. The scooter epicenter of the planet. But L. New York's got a real need right now. So we decided to launch in. Baltimore. So. Anybody listening. We're now in the middle, the MO, the middle of summer. So when do you expect to start hitting Chicago in Boston and San Francisco and some of the other major markets? I. I'm not going to throw any any M. Any dates but those cities are are the first ones on our list. Okay. But certainly, they wanted to spend a thousand dollars you could buy you could buy one Tamar. Absolutely and you can't finance it on our website is well. But put thirty nine dollars a month into perspective. That's that's a dollar forty a day. New York subway ride today's three dollars and fifty cents for one Ri-. A rideshare scooter from lime were bird is about five bucks. So. Five dollars a ride. For. Daily commuter there's been two hundred dollars a month for grossly inferior product that half the time the batteries are dead or they're broken when you go to them not to mention the issues but share right now so. And it's yours and it's your germs and not somebody else's your germs and keep the streets clean et keeps your neighborhood looking good and it's no different for your city than owning a bicycle and you get a little bit of

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