That construction. Lincoln Tunnel.


Just keep in mind the center troop out tonight for construction that were next traffic updates in less than 10 minutes on WCBS. Now, the forecast Hello, Mac. Trendy little Yvonne. It looks like we'll have Ah, quiet overnight with clear to partly cloudy skies living under 68 in the city, lower sixties in some of the outlying areas and tomorrow by the sun and a few clouds high up to 80 to look for a shower thunderstorm approach the city from this out late in the afternoon. The better chance for activity will be tomorrow night again. A few showers in a thunderstorm with a hollow dipping down to 69. Very millets of varying amounts of clouds on Friday. Still human with a shower thunderstorm high of 78. Make sure clouds of sun on Saturday still human with a shower or thunderstorm around high up to 80 Marley Sonny quite warm and humid on Sunday with a high of 87 very warming human on Monday, while clouds and sun there could be an afternoon thunderstorm high of 88 Right now. It's partly cloudy. Temperatures range from 69 away planes to 82 Historia in midtown at 77 going down to 68. All right. Thank you. You're welcome. It's 11 50 Tropical storm he say yes is gone but left a lot for folks to deal with. In total three million homes and businesses lost power across a dozen states. The storm killed at least nine people from North Carolina domain, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper toward a mobile home park that was destroyed by the storm.

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