Two Philadelphia Phillies staff members test positive for COVID-19, shutting down Citizens Bank Park


Have called off activities at Citizens Bank Park after two staffers tested positive for Cove in 19 Hey, Hey, Whatever Whatever leaves leaves Mike Mike DiNardo DiNardo reports. reports. There There are are no no workouts workouts or or team team activities activities at at Citizens Citizens Bank Bank Park Park until until further further notice notice this this after after a a Phillies Phillies coach coach and and a a member member of of the the home home clubhouse staff tested positive for the Corona virus, no fill these players have tested positive, but a visiting clubhouse staffer did after last weekend's home Siri's with the Miami Marlins. They remain quarantined in Philadelphia after a reported total of now 17 Marlins tested positive. The schedule now is a question Mark. Major League Baseball postponed the Phillies scheduled home and home Siri's this week with the New York Yankees Friday. Siri's opener against Toronto at Citizens Bank Park was also delayed with a double header scheduled Saturday.

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