Bowery Boogie . Captain and Owners Arrested for Liberty Belle Booze Cruise


Thought I'd be done with this by now. It's month. Six of the pandemic, but everywhere you look, it's the same story with people of God. It's okay. Good Manhattan now Saturday night, 8 30 There's a river about in Manhattan called the Liberty Bell. Liberty Bell b e l l E. I used to have one of them here, didn't I guess? Well, the brilliant onus of the Liberty Bell, Ronnie Vargas and Alex Suazo thes two gentlemen. Ah, book. 170 guests for a wild party. No Mass, no social distancing. And what ended up happening was the word came out to the New York Police Department when they arrived at Pier 36 lower East side. The two owners were arrested for not not following the law. And I hope those guys are still behind bars today. Three days later Now what are they doing? Did the word not reached these two morons yet? Or did they cash whore with these 170 people with three months ago, they would die in By that you couldn't keep track of how many people died in the same city. What they don't What he had doubted your hobbies. Your stupid more. Adds 170. Payback. Think there's no payoff better? What do you think they're on a boat and there safe? I got one more outside says worse. This is that they're in a boat. The boat is this inside area. There's restrooms in about Shut down the fairy of Martha's try this thing. This one's not in a boat out. This is in a plane. Okay. Also over the weekend holiday trip, Amsterdam tto be za. The beat. Oh, yeah, that's a pillar of these. That's a party out is a part of you want to get on that boat, too Gentle bid to English passages out chugging Greg. A ce vodka kind of aria ever dated there with no idea they were chugging vodka, not wearing facemasks on a plane. Yeah, this plane This is 7 37 KLM Boeing 7 37 From my Amsterdam home of the red light district. While they're hookers wind up in the shop windows were going. You know what that is? They're headed. But these guys, this crew is heading to Abi's at the party. And what happened was they would not put on the mass, so a violent, incredible, highly Ah, viewable. I got some pictures there, but there's video of this. A massive brawl broke out, and people were throwing haymakers at the two vodka chugging English passengers. Wow, that this was complete Mayhem in the plane deal with these people who, like literally lose their minds over not wearing masks. Don't understand. I don't understand it, and I'm going to be honest with you. I'm not fully embracing and Abi's a vacation during a pandemic that also out keep keep keep keep. keep. Jones Jones went went to to a a visa visa with with his his daughters. daughters. Like Like a a couple couple of of years years ago. ago. My My daughter daughter goes goes every every year. year. It's It's extremely extremely expensive expensive while while they they rent rent the the big big beyond beyond the the big houses for like it, you get a whole bunch of people to rent a place. Message to the parties and to the moron emails who write to me with them. They won't stop. You're going to get more today. I'm still getting the stats on how this doesn't exist. All right, eh? My mom died. Maybe John Johnson's uncle? Yes, the well. It's a horrible story. When he's ready to tell. I love them to tell what happened because his his uncle Lau went from healthy to not alive. Quick in two hours, two days, all right. It's really And people innocent victims like that happen because you people too stupid to do the right thing. Sacrifice you morons. I hope they put every you know you guys that are running the gym and Velma. I hope you end up in jail, too, because you're stupid. That's why give me an amen And there's no cure for stupid. And

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