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Hey. What's up and welcome to craft. Hang out I'm. ELISA CAPITAIN I'm Jesse Cats Greenberg. And I'm Lou Thatcher and let's hang up. Loop Lee. Now we're not gonNA, she's on mute. She wasn't. Here. Stupid. I. Wish I had a cow bell or something fun like a slide whistle. Lou. We've got to. Invest. tweets we. GotTa we gotTa have old school sound sound makers in the attic. We have from my own, Omega the nineteen in the nineteen fifties. They had these like New Year's Eve noisemakers. Those would have been great. was. Groggy. From there like the sound makers that. Yeah. Fun fact all right. Everybody. Last year, as you may remember, Jesse and I attended the makers conference craft -cation in California. And we met so many new friends. So one night, there was a bit of an east coaster meet up. and. I met a really cool crafter and fellow podcast with a show called studio seventy eight podcast, and she is fabulous and finally hanging with us right now. So please everyone. Let's give a warm craft hanging out. Welcome to New Shea Snow Welcome. So excited to be on your pie gas. You guys. Interviewed so many amazing guests on like I feel like honored. Show big time. Stop. So, let's just start off with the basics. Can you tell our craft? Reno's a little bit about who you are and what you do? Absolutely, my name's initiates now been a crafter for life since elementary school. My mom is a crafter to end up going to school for graphic design and my nine to five is billy me dealing with you know designers and web designers and all of that good stuff. Stuff. But on nights and weekends I, just loved to podcasts. Do My side hustles and I've had many many side hustles through the years. But I like making stuff just creating stuff and I'm just like you guys. I just love talking to people in sharing their stories and inspiring women to like pursue their passions be at full time or part time or all the time. So yeah, that's me in a nutshell. So. That podcast, you get to have lots of conversations with creatives and how does that inspire you? Oh. My goodness I mean, you know sometimes I feel like when I get off of an interview with him, like I need to step it up. Just. Wait a minute like, but it inspires me because you can throw around ideas because a lot of times you know people tell me like what marketing tips worked for them or how they ended up making connections in in order to get their Khumbu show line off, you know just started or maybe how they weren't. Initially, artists didn't go to school for design. But now they're like selling design in the narrow inspiring people to like just do what you love. Love in. So for me, I, feel like with each guest. I just pick up like a little tip a little trick, and it just inspires me to want to do more. You know some, that's super rats. I feel the same way with some of our guests. But okay, who's your favorite guest and Y ou? That's that's a hard one. That's a heroin. So if if any gas listened to listening to this and I don't name, you don't get offended. But I actually had her on for a second time. Her name is Nicole crowder. and. She's in the DC area with knee to, and recently she's actually just blown up but the pillow one. Yes. Mention Pillow, right? Yeah. Because she she does the meditation pillows and you know she first started out where she was, you know doing upholstery and teaching people how to upholster their old furniture in an her story. You know she talks about like working a nine to five. Then trying to do her love full-time, it didn't work out, went back to a nine to five, and then she started again when I first interviewed her and man she like learned from all the failures and then took what she learned and she's just being going going going and. And even when I interview her few months ago is wow. So just talking to her, I was so inspired, I love seeing her Kinda like blow up the last couple of months, and even how she did the meditation pillow, she initially was just giving them out for free because of cove nineteen everybody was going through a hard time and she was like, Hey, pay what you can, you can't pay anything. I'll I'll give these to you right analysis set, and this has become like heart of her business. So yes, she's like amazing.

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