Hurricane Laura Death Toll Climbs to 14 in US; Several Victims Succumbed to Carbon Monoxide Poisoning


We are also getting a clearer portrait this evening of the devastation from Hurricane Laura. One of the strongest hurricanes to ever hit the US the death toll rising tonight. And we have learned many of those deaths have been tied to carbon monoxide authorities. Now, pointing to generators in the storm, the category four hurricane with one hundred, fifty mile an hour winds tearing buildings in Lake Charles Louisiana destroying entire neighborhoods as well and look at the flooding and Cameron Louisiana where Laura made landfall the storm is still moving east bring potentially dangerous conditions and meteorologist rob, Marciano was in Lake Charles for again tonight. Tonight Hurricane Laura's death toll rising in Port Arthur Texas at least three people are dead authorities suspecting they were poisoned by a generator's carbon monoxide and here in Lake Charles Louisiana family of four. Dying of carbon. Monoxide poisoning. This one day after Laura's. The strongest storm to hit the state and more than one hundred and fifty years. At least fourteen people across the storm zone.

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