Are You Tired Of The Long Job Search? How To Stay Positive


How During, the job search I feel like we're getting more and more of these phone calls in it's not a surprise to me in fact I remember when the covert. Suppression hit and we saw the unemployment numbers explode. I really began to feel a tremendous amount of empathy for all the people that are being affected by this and I'm going Oh my gosh, this is going to be tough. Because it's already tough. In the best of times when you lose a job. I would put it up there as outside of the loss of a loved one or friend. And a physical debilitating challenge. I'd put it up there number three behind those two as the most traumatic things that happened to us in our life. Using a throw a, you know a break up or something like that. That's pretty bad. So I. Begin to think Oh man this is gonna be tough because it's already a real loss in a rule sting but now to get back on the horse to get back in, it's going to be harder in these times. and. So we've gotten a lot of these phone calls and today I just wanted to address three actions. I mean. There's several things you could do. I could talk for an hour about you know what do you do if you feel hopeless in the job search because you're not getting anywhere? Okay. We talk about a lot of tactics on this show are get hired digital course. It's only twenty bucks, Ken? Coleman. Dot Com we go deep in the weeds. I'm not going to go I'm going to be three things that I think are pillars if you will that keep you going when you feel like you're stuck in the mud here they are real quick number one you've got to realize that this is your situation not your sentence this is your situation. By the way you're not alone. You're not a loser. You're not a deadbeat. This is your situation based on. A global pandemic that put an artificial suppression on the economy and you've been caught up in this. By the way just a little nugget if you were laid off or if you lost job had nothing to do with covert even Song Hey. Hey, listen this is the mindset. This is your situation not your sentence you're not sentenced to a life. Of Frustration. And Misery and all the things that come with the emotions of losing your job. This is your situation not your sentence a get up get your head up. All right I got to respond I gotTA. Make some changes. I gotta get after it but I'm not sentenced to this current. Environment and situation number to focus forward. You gotTA focus forward. You know. Okay. With glances back to seats to look at what can we learn from where I was What can I take from that? But you gotTA focus forward. If you're always focused on the past, you can't move forward. It's impossible. If I want to go this way. This direction. And yet my tire focus on my body and my head and everything is this way. I'm not going to be effective in going that way. I'm just not I may backup bit, but I'm eventually going to stumble I'm gonNA run into stuff because I can't see where I'm going and a lot of you are effectively trying to walk backwards quickly. Makes no sense focus forward get your eyes up focus forward and in the third. Action, you've got to realize that connections are the keys. That unlock opportunities don't over think this. That's our problem. When we get in times of uncertainty. It can quickly go to desperation. And then we get really freaked out and it's like. Oh, my gosh. Oh my gosh I got so many things that don't even know where to go. What do I do? Oh my goodness I have no idea what to do and we stay paralyzed. As opposed to going Hey v way out of this the way forward, the way up is connections. So, if it's not working, I need to keep connecting. There's your phrase if it's not working, keep connect, keep connecting, and keep connecting, keep connecting, keep, connect, keep, connecting, and eventually the damn will break and opportunities flow freely. So quick, review. You feel a sense of hopelessness you're stuck in the job search. Three big actions that will spur a lot of smaller actions that'll get you the breakthrough one realize this is your situation not assassins to focus forward three. Realize the connections are the keys. To unlocking opportunities.

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