The Greatest Barn Finds of All Time

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Barn fines. The long lost cars with a built in mystery, we're addicted to these lost and found time capsules partly because of the story they tell about the past but also of how they feel in the president like something that time traveled into. Now with decades old potential waiting to be tapped and to be clear, these cars don't need to be found in a barn. Okay. Today are barn finds come from parking garages and Australian chicken coop and even buried underground some because. What's the rarest car ever found? What's the most valuable and how did these automotive treasures get lost in the first place? A normal person loses their car keys once in a while. But who is the person that can lose an entire car? especially one like a prototype shelby Mustang or a LAMBORGHINI MIRA s here's a hint. They're usually very rich people. We'll also get into Wi Carr fans continue to love these barn fines. Maybe an age where literally all the information in the world sits in our pocket. The idea of hidden treasure is more precious than ever before and with so many cars feeling blander and more mass produced than ever unique cars feel rare than ever to a barn find always has its own one of a kind story behind it. So I think that's a really good point I would say that like barn finds potentially like. Don't exist in the way that they used to because to me a barn find. Also. Suggest some sort of like. Deal or like you. You know what? I. Mean Like it's like, Oh, I found this car. Then I bought it for this much money whereas like now the person. Can just google it like I know I I make a living everyone in this makes a living talking about cars on the Internet, but the Internet is ruined cars everything is valuable now. Yeah. It tennis sucks I. Think it hasn't ruined the joy of driving or getting to experience like new things in that way, but I see what you're saying whereas. A lot of things are described value immediately, which I I really hate God on bring a trailer this week there is some Honda accord from the mid seventies that sold for like twenty one thousand dollars and I was like that car it's not worth that amount of money just because it's A condition four thousand dollars to a huge Honda accord. But because like there's such a hype around like Oh man this is like in this such and such condition with this miles and it's There's only so many of them like that's when money kind of ruins it in that culture of like wanting to have. A car that valuable I don't know the same thing happened though like fifteen years ago with barn find particularly mopus because those cars Warner's common back in the day. So when people found like Barracuda or Challenger sitting somewhere in a barn there like a meal like discards worth a million dollars no rusty piece of. and. It's only worth a million dollars if it was original parts matching everything. But because you found some shell behind your uncle's place, it doesn't mean Jack it's. Clearly. Look I'm a I'm a bitter Mo- par, Guy. It's been the the the. Been in completely over inflated, which is why I had to buy an imperial instead of like a real muscle car. Of. This attitude that everything has to be some crazy valuable car for to be cool which is not true. Your car is really cool knowing don't feel bad about but Joe, I know I don't know any sometimes Nolan's car. No one's cars parked at my house sometimes I go and sit in it I I. I'm glad. It's fun. It's like I said Mitt I think like when the Sun's going down. Unlike man, this thing is going to be cool when it runs, we'll be it's it's I ordered a bunch of brake parts which have arrived James outs There might be some more boxes on the way, but I'm GONNA refresh the brake system, and after that, the big hurdle becomes getting the car to run and that's when I can find out what else needs to be fixed. So. is it are you converting from drum brakes disc? No, it's. It's got drum brakes around. So I ordered a bunch of drum brake. Specific stuff like. Brake shoes and wheel cylinders. Brake lines return springs all this stuff I also live on the top of a gigantic hill. It's to be a real trial by fire situation. We're going to go around your little neighborhood there first before we do anything drastic. This is like a seventeen thousand pound rockets. Zooming down. Well, we know that we know the break works. So let's get right into. Finally. With what might be the OG OF BARN FINES? All right. This car probably has the record for the longest time hidden away it spent. Okay. You guys ready for this. One hundred and twelve years sitting in a shed in Austria before being uncovered in two thousand fourteen. Wow. The car I'm talking about is the Porsche p one also known as the Edgar Lunar Electric Vehicle, and even calling a car might be a bit of a stretch, Armstrong whatever you WanNa call though what's not up for debate is that the P. One is the world's first ever Porsche designed by then twenty three year old Ferdinand Porsche Ferdinand even employees the nineteenth century version of a watermark actually hand carving P. One into every individual component of the car. So like you mentioned, this is parts numbers matching Baoji are all original equipment the

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