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Demonstrations. Over the weekend, a right wing supporter was shot dead. The group Patriot Prayer identifies him as one of their own. The group's founder, identifying the victim as Erin J. Danielson and President Trump Retweeting. An article with Daniel San's picture writing Rest in Peace. J. Earlier Sunday, President Trump sharing video of his supporters driving into Portland, calling those into Caravan Great Patriots. ABC is Megan to Rezian. A caravan of 600 vehicles full of Trump supporters went to Portland. The president is scheduled to visit Kenosha, Wisconsin, this week, where police shot Jacob Blake seven times in the back. Wisconsin's governor has asked the president to reconsider coming. A ST Louis police officer was shot and killed while responding to a shooting. The suspect is in custody after a long standoff. This is ABC News. Balance of nature changing the world one life at a time. Take sometime. It's a great product that salute great part really feel a different energy level. Really? Never did pick people around got a cold or a flu. Nothing. I mean, absolutely nothing Can't good points about balance of nature is now offering 35% off on any new preferred order. Go to balance of nature dot com today and use discount code Fruit's good morning and welcome to the very best of Jason and Alexis in the morning, and this is the creme de la creme of yesterday's show. Right here on my talking 1071 everything entertainment. Please just don't do any good. So you're

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