Episode #47: Hi-Performance Heritage - The Max Wedge & 440 Big Blocks

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Before we go any further here folks I wanNA, make sure that you understand that Hemi pages diy Hemi and amd are not official sponsors of. Parts, but they are friends of the show and they've shown me a ton of support along this journey, and this is my way of saying thank you to them. I want to clarify that I would never endorse products or people that I don't personally believe in and all three have my admiration support and respect. So if you're easiest, you should definitely go and check them out. All right folks now that I told you about my friends, it's time to get this show on the road. This week's project car of the week is a tin grill a nineteen seventy seven dodge warlock to be exact. Now for those of you unfamiliar with the Term Tin Grill, that is the nickname given to mow par trucks made from Nineteen, seventy, two through nineteen eighty by my friend Paul from ten girl dodge trucks page on facebook he also runs the dropped ten grills page that showcases lowered ten grills. Both are great sources of information and places to share the love of these trucks and as many of you know I'm a huge fan of ten girls and I tried to promote them every chance that I get as great. Mo- park projects, and while the aftermarket isn't quite as strong with these trucks as it is for many others I do think that will change in time but only if we Raise our voices loud enough increase such a Ruckus that companies out there will start supplying us with more parts for these are so important that if you're out there and you have a ten euro reach out to all the companies that you want parts from and just tell them, hey, there's a huge demand for people out there and then let us know in those groups that you've done that, and then we can follow suit because maybe we want those same parts to the more that these companies here from US ten grilled dodge owners the more inclined and the more likely. They are to take a look at this segment of the classic trucks industry and go hey, you know there's a market here. So we need to do our part to I, try to do it, and let's get on with the project car of the week the truck featured on this edition of Project, car of the week was posted Friday August twenty eighth at three PM. Here is the Ad Dodge Warlock Nineteen, seventy,

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