The Power Of Telling Yourself The Reverse Story



Convince somebody of something we're pretty good at telling ourselves a story that supports our position now, some better than others at communicating that story. But if we don't at least I convince ourselves of that story and it's pretty hard for us to even take a position at all. But I think it's equally important for us to be able to tell the reverse story and a few reasons for that. Firstly, it helps give you a position of empathy towards the other point of view towards the other person's position. Secondly, it can actually help strengthen your own arguments and essentially anticipate and then be able to counter. pushbacks against your position against your story against your point of view. And thirdly, and maybe more importantly, you might just find in doing that that the story you've been telling yourself previously was maybe not that convincing at all and I think way too often we're very good at basically dishonest. This is the direction we want to go. Now let's craft a story that supports that rather than looking at different stories analyzing those different stories from points of view from different positions and then deciding on a direction to go. And I reckon the value in the power of telling yourself the reverse story. Is Pretty. Compelling. Already

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