Ocean Born Mary House

Haunted Places


Built between seventeen, eighty, four and seventeen, eighty, six, the ocean born Mary House is an eighteenth century mansion in the hilly outskirts of Hanikra New Hampshire. It contains four large rooms on the first floor and six on the second floor, four bedrooms and two ante rooms. It's kitchen holds one of the largest domestic fireplaces in New Hampshire, with an eight foot six inch opening at enough room to cook twelve pies at once. There are four entrances secured with a New England style double cross which doors as the name implies these doors were intended to evoke the Christian Cross in order to ward off evil. It was a necessary precaution. Witnesses said that the head occur mansion holds numerous spirits from malevolent voices two phantom carriages. By the homes most famous coast is what gives it its name Mary Wilson Wallace One of the most beloved residents it's said she appears in a white dress with blazing red hair and ominous glowing eyes. Mary and her descendants would be prominent in New Hampshire Society for centuries to come. But the true source of her celebrity is the circumstances of her birth. Those same circumstances would ensure that the House that bears her name remained an object of interest long after her death. Elizabeth, new pregnancy would be difficult and she knew it would be worse on a ship even with her husband beside her. She had asked every woman she knew for advice before she left the shore Violin Behind for the Americas but no amount of talk had prepared her for the reality. For, morning sickness never went away nor did her swelling pregnancy had already destroyed sense of balance and the ruling of the ship made it nearly impossible to walk. She was largely confined below decks where she stared at the same shifting planks of wood day after day embroidery occasionally distracted her from the pain, but there was nothing to stop her boredom her idol mind spun horror after horror before her tired is every wave or patch of trouble waters seem like the end for them all her belly might help her float if the ship or capsized, but it was more likely that she would be trapped in the cabin with the furniture. Nightmares where the worst. She dreamed that she was stranded in an unending ocean as her baby tried to force its way out the child would scratch her insides while the current pulled her under neither of them could find a way to safety. She would wake up covered in sweat and gasping for air. The baby would kick against the walls of her stomach as if they'd seen the dream as well. The crew told her that they were lucky the winter. So strong this time of year to lose the wind was almost certainly a death sentence. Even the most hardened sailors went mad in stagnant sees. Elizabeth had never considered the notion that the wind could just leave that they would be stuck floating aimlessly time stopped except her advancing pregnancy, a ticking clock that became more dangerous with each day at. Sea. Elizabeth lay in her bed trying to summon the will to rise. Cheat awakened from her nap like she always did queasy uncomfortable. She wanted her husband James Comforting presence with her but he snuck up to the deck any chance he could. Fee- pounded down the stairs, Elizabeth, greater teeth, and pulled herself up and off the COT. She breaks her arms against the wall waiting for the nausea to die town. She could hear the sound of doors opening throughout the hall followed closely by the excited sounds conversation. She realized that the ship wasn't creaking with a usual steady motion. have. Land. Elizabeth made careful step after careful step to the door it creaked loudly as she pushed it open. Salt Air hitter immediately even though she was still below deck. Another wave of nausea world through her. She rubbed your stomach softly and told the baby that they would get through this. The ship outside of her cabin was chaos sailors and passengers ran every which way panic shouts echoed off the bulkheads footsteps slammed against the boards. Elizabeth. Grabbed young crew arm and asked if they were close to shore. His face lost color. She could tell that he'd been sweating, but she could also see separate trails of moisture down his face. He's been crying. Is Hands shook as he pulled his arm free and stammered out one word. Pirates.

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