A Critique of Dallas Buyer's Club


Let's. Let's Talk About Dallas Buyers Club. I first and foremost all the triggers. Goddamn because everything you thought you knew about this movie you were right and then there's more. There's The the TRANSPHOBIA is there from the characters. It's enacted characters but it's also just that kind of trans-phobia where it's tucked under. Oh, it's actually homophobia but that's because they don't know what to do with someone who presents in a way that is not stereotypical. To one gender or another. and. Yes. So look up triggers for this movie. There are so many that I don't even feel like sitting down and listing them but look them up before you continue to consume this podcast and before you decide to watch that movie. That said, had you either? Have you seen this movie before we went to the podcast first time? For a first time on that radio to. See what I did there. On brand very unbranded. Yeah. It was my first time too. I definitely knew it. As you said, for all the reasons that I knew, and then there were more reasons that I was glad I did until now. Oh Yeah so This movie I have to say because I tried to as much as I'm trashing it as much as I'm like Oh this all this I really wanted to like this movie I went in wanting to like it I remember talking to a friend about this movie because I refused to see it. So I was like, why are people praising jared leto wire people praising his portrayal of Now, I can't remember the name of Rayon why and I actually had to coax it out of a friend because. This was a friend that I respected their opinion on and they basically said they were like, well, you don't actually want to know you wanna be mad and it's like, no I respect your opinion i. am asking you why people care what is it about this helped me and what this friend said to me was that the portrayal of someone who is going through a having aids being HIV positive and then having AIDS, and then dying from another disease which. It, it was the thing that really drew this friend of mine into the character and into the world of this film and as much as. We are going to talk about a lot of the specifics now having watched it. I respect that opinion. Even though I did not get the same thing from this movie. At least from from Rayon and that's really mean I also did not grow up like I grew up as a child during the AIDS crisis I did not know a lot going on but at the same time. The movie in my opinion the movie itself. Didn't do a great job with ray on. But I really dug the way that they dealt with. Woodruff Matthew. mcconaughey character in the first act. Yeah To to. Put My cards on the table for we continue. To very specific misconceptions or like nervous conceptions but two very specific things that we're going to my mind when I started watching the movie. Deborah really softened a lot of it for me, which was one. The last movie that I've seen that was in relation to the AIDS crisis was the film adaptation of Rent. which was the worst movie that's life. I it's just. Sorry And the others conception is that I didn't realize that it was made in twenty thirteen I thought like watching it. It felt like it was like an early two thousands movie in house can be like well. Okay like Even. The Straits don't really get chanced stuff I. It was like a good attempts to try to like bring more color to the table metaphorically speaking. But it's a twenty thirteen. I don't know like. I mean at times article didn't come out yet. It's just it's just weirder and it's also like. That film strikes very early two thousands and I'm not like sinophile so I could be completely dead wrong on this, but it just felt. Like You know way older movie than it actually ended up being. So. And that. Up Sorry and then I guess the third conception. Sorry. The secret third one was that I actually was trying to give him the benefit of the doubt because as soon as I found out that it was like historical like a history piece because runway was a real person. As like, Oh, well then you know if they had to deal with a real life trans person like they're they're dead in the water like you know they're not going to handle that well. But no round is is a real. She was made for the movie. So cool. Great. Love that for us. So. Yeah. I wonder because Silas one of the things that you had mentioned that you had focused on when talking about the movie was a lot more of a real life historical things that were going on and about the real life of what was happening. Can you talk a little bit about that? Yes so Aside, from knowing about, you know sort of the kerfluffle about jared leto playing the part and hearing a little bit about that when the movie came out the other thing that I really had a bee in my bonnet about is the fact that Ron Woodruff was not straight. And he did talk about long clearly had some stuff but. They just. Changed him to be straight and altered his character quite a bit and watching it. It's so clear to me that they were like, how do we make this the straight male hero anti hero type that the straight people will come see the movie for? And so that to me like before, we even get to any issues of transphobia homophobia of that in the Bi phobia that really just made me now it becomes this sort of like. The straight guy in the hero of a crisis that you know certainly straight people and all people belong to this lots of. It was but it was primarily focused on the queer. Community. And sort of start off before you even have a chance to give the film the benefit of the doubt with that erasure just really for me. Through me completely out of it it was I wasn't able to come to the film really with. A kind of the I at that point.

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