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As we head through our evening. Scattered showers and a few isolated storms will continue as a tropical disturbance. Moves towards South Florida. It will cross into the Gulf of Mexico over the course of the weekend, where it may develop into a depression either way, gusting winds and some heavy rain expected all the way through Saturday. This report is sponsored by Staples Stores. Staples has everything to start the school year right at amazing prices, no matter where it happens this week, staples to pocket paper folders and one subject notebooks are an incredible 10 cents Each ends 9 12 limits six instar only while supplies last school on Save on at Staples can be serious. And don't call me your weekend Take a chill pill and really the greatness of all the hits of the eighties on Sonny, one of 79. Things must be thinking. What You are the greatest hits of the seventies eighties and nineties on Sonny, one of 79.

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