Bachelor Greatest Seasons Ever Episode 10 Juan Pablo


Haley strong healy I think that title might be debatable for this episode. What do you think Ya'll like fi like okay. Seasons of all time maybe right. That's the one they decide and on. Rowing with a bang. I. Really made it about the women especially leading into Clare. season. What do you think about this choice of? GOING, out with one Pablo. Pablo on I get why? And it makes me one. I wonder if they feel like they shot themselves in the foot of. Like should they started with this? I know I know they did it so that we'd get excited for Clare Season but now we're all a WHO gives a fuck about Clare like she's Bachelorette for like maybe a week and a half as far as we know, right? Yeah, she's probably longer in quarantine there. Yeah it's interesting in knowing what they know now like what they have showed copen season somewhere in the mix you know like I m truly thankful they did not. Yeah. Do. You think they delivered what they promised because with all those previews we saw a lot of seasons that they didn't really touch on at all jake season. You know they talked about like the ones you love to hate and. They showed a lot from Ariz in those previews Rachel. Say. Yeah. I am too. I kind of felt like they were never gonNA show US J. Because I feel like they feel like he's really their major strain on on. CAST or. Whatever. I'm happy. We didn't always again like I'm happy. We didn't see Colin's again like honestly the only one I'm like I really wish we would've seen that. Was Rachel's Yeah Courtney Robertson. So that would be kind of interesting with. Ben phonics season or something like that. I think there's maybe a few others they could have combined together maybe some of the Happy Ending Bachelorette Like dietary and Ashley or something, but we didn't hear from a lot of them. From the Guy Seasons but. Yeah. So this was the last wine and we have a little bit of a break until Clare season. So yeah, it does make sense that they wanna to lead into that but. It's just kind of awkward watching it now knowing what we know. But this is special season for us because it's the last season before we started podcasting but we were talking about this as we're watching a little bit. But we've never actually. shared any thoughts on a podcast about this season in detail and? Grat we didn't. Remember I'm like, yeah it seems like with having a Andy Season and. We even talked desert season on a fake punt. We are unaired pilot. Stays on aired forever family. So.

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