US stocks struggle higher as tumultuous week comes to close


Dr. Trying for another comeback as a tumultuous week of big swings comes to a close. Analysts expect swings to continue to rattle markets for weeks, if not months, as investors with more clarity on several key issues. At the head of that list of uncertainties, for now, at least, is what to do with your big pick stocks. We checked the markets every 15 minutes of trading day on Bloomberg, Brady of the S and P is up 4/10 of a percent of 15. The Dow's up 7/10 of a percent up almost 200. The NASDAQ's Up 1/10 of a percent of 16 10. Years up. 3 30 seconds. The yield 300.66% West Texas Intermediate Crude is up 14% of 37 46 a barrel Comex gold is down 3% in 1957 80 an ounce A dollar yen 106 18 the euro dollar 18 35 in the British pound that all 27 88 US inflation quickened in August, driven by the sharpest monthly game in used vehicles. Since 1969 and consistent with the gradual pickup in prices is the economy recovers from the pandemic. We check the market since I say every 15 minutes at the trading day. That's your Bloomberg business Flash. I'm Gregg Jarrett.

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