Allie's relations with Israel. They had been to peace agreements with Israel. In the last 72 years. This is now


What deal previously announced between Israel and the U. S. Is said to be signed at the White House next week. Palestinian leaders are condemning the agreement as a betrayal of their cause, pushing for statehood. Joe Biden, keeping a lower profile today, meeting with Victimsfamilies to mark 19 years since the 9 11 attacks. The Democratic nominee went to the annual ceremony in New York Ground zero, then to Shanksville, Pennsylvania, where President Trump attended a ceremony earlier at the Pentagon on 9 11. They tried to destroy us, But Joint Chiefs Chairman Mark Millie says the nation came together and the terrorists did not win. Western wildfires are now blamed for at least 23 deaths, including a one year old boy in Washington state and at least 10 people in the northern complex fire in Northern California. That fire was started by lightning in mid August and over time has grown to more than 200. And 50,000 acres,

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