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A recent Wall Street Journal editorial that says President Trump can win reelection if he doesn't make the final two months. All about him. And that is my analysis as well. Voters understand the unfair press treatment Mr Trump has endured and that his economic vision help the country before Cove. It'd hurt us all. The president can state those things. But if he continues to repeat himself over and over and over And portray himself as a victim. He will not win over skeptical voters. No one cares about morning Joe and his hateful cohorts. Drop it, Mr President. The way to persuade Americans to vote Republican in November. Is to scare the heck out of them. And if the out of control radical violence doesn't send a negative signal. To most Americans. Then the election is already over. Joe Biden is obviously not going to confront the violent left. He did not do it at the Democratic convention. He has never criticized the Marxists. Black Lives matter. Global Foundation, not once. Mr Biden is afraid of the far left. He will not stand up to Bernie Sanders and Congress Woman, Ocasio Cortez. Do Americans really want a president? Who is afraid? That's with Donald Trump. Has to sell. Now this

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