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OSI takes place in what state California What movie features a necklace called the Heart of the Ocean. Superman is from what Planet? Oh, Oh, I think about the thing that makes him weak. Time. Nicholas Shay was a member of what boy band. 90 degrees are you won? Congratulations. You won the 32nd Pop culture challenge A A. And for those of you who did not get to play today you can have an opportunity. Again on Monday because we do it every day at 12 30 on the culling and Bradley show, all right now that we've answered, Actually, Now that Laura answered all those questions correctly, we could move on to solve some mysteries, and we do that in the form of blind items. That Holly has selected for us in this segment we call blinded by the item or I'm on fire. Here's our first hot celebrity gossip mystery. I kept waiting for this still hated former a plus lists Reality star to finally make public the news that there's a sex tape between herself and the permanent A list singer in quotation marks. She is in control of it. It exists. Whoa. Well, it has to be Kim Kardashian because there's no other A plus list Reality, sir. No, it doesn't need to be. Oh, because the permanent eight A list. Quote Singer has got to be Britney Spears, right? Oh, no Paris Hilton.

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