To the Garden, and that's not all


B C news radio 10 30 The Red Cross is coming together today for their blood drive as they do each and every September 11th. They say they do this to help people remember the tragic attacks but give back at the same time. There's a bento looks a bit different because of Cove it here's w. B. C's Chris Palmer Kelly Eisner is with the Red Cross the first part but because of MLB Kobe 19 protocols, the physical location has been changed. Where big night entertainment group 1 10 card played three involved, then right to the Garden, and that's not all How you donate has also changed. The other big difference here. Every donor has to make an appointment in a dance. Now at the State House this morning, Governor Baker was on hand to lower the flag to half staff to remember the victims. And this year's Madeline Amy Sweeney Award for civilian bravery was awarded to Chris Petri of Grafton. I'm Nicole Davis. W are the voice of Boston on my heart radio station.

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