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Nursing get started today at e CPI Dot. Edu. took. Elvis durant phone tap right. Let's just hop into the phone tap today the phone tap starring Danielle Manera. All right. What's it all about Christine emails and says, my mom walks her dog and never picks up the poop. Please call her and tell her that the people and they are upset about this. She loves her dog and she will not be very happy you love doing. Hoop phone taps poop. POOP is your friend. Hero Daniel doing the phone tap let's listen. Shall We? Looking for Leslie please breaking. My name is Cheryl. And I'm calling from the neighborhood. And people will have been really upset with you about your Chihuahuas. Won't. Yeah because you're letting them poop on everyone's lawn and you're not cleaning up after the not to know it is true that true yeah and you know there's a lot of people who are actually putting a petition together to have you get rid of the dogs. Got To be kidding me kidding you. They're like little tiny rats in the first place and you're letting them just poop anywhere. They want in the neighborhood. I'M GONNA make sure from now on that I can pick up every little single. That is there. A little too late to pick up the POOP. That's there because we have pictures of just leaving the poop and walking away listen you know what do you want me to do? Now I'm work I don't have time for this. So I cannot talk to you. I'm working on getting the poop out the neighborhood. All right. Well, I will make sure that from now on. Think picked up what about the pictures I have right now hello. That's my hope is now a better time I look I don't have time for this right now. Okay. Like I, said, I'm make sure that from now on every single poop is picked up and nothing is going to be left around and but also make sure that you on everybody else's dogs to make sure that there's no big dogs pooped all over the place because I found plenty especially even in my own front lawn. That the dogs around the neighborhood don't Poop as much as your dog. Okay Goodbye. There's little poops everywhere. Listen enough is enough I do not have time for this I don't care what you have time for. You know what I have time for I. Don't have time for stepping on Poop and getting it on my brand new. Manila. Blahnik. That's what I don't got time for all really listen first of all if you own a pair Manolas, you wouldn't believe in the neighborhood. Okay I spend all my money on right goodbye don't know right me goodbye don't hang up on me again. Hello. Dr Profit may help you. Yes. You can help me. You can stop picking all come on now in Belleville enough please. Give me answers that I'm looking for that. I WanNa know why you would let your Chihuahuas poop all over the neighborhood. How many times do I have to tell you? I do not do that and like I said from on I will strictly make sure that if in case I have left anything behind that, it will be picked up. Okay and guess what I also know you don't have a license for those two months and you know what I have. Them pick up like that. Okay. Then you know what you do, whatever you need to do and just leave me alone. Why are they so important to their dogs what do you care I do care I'm concerned citizen of the neighborhood. Okay good. So then you should be watching for other things and shootings and things that are going on in the neighborhood instead of constantly watching my dog okay you but you know what? That's already been there in the pig. Anymore, anywhere it has been we've got pictures of you walking away. Fine okay. Limit admitted say you're right I am not going to omit any I walked away from poop just say I walked from like I said if you do what you need to do and stop calling me at my job. Okay. Say I Anything. Say I walked away from poop no I'm not gonNA say that because that is not so but it is. So I have picked. Do whatever you need to do with your pictures. From, Pope don't you have anything better to do I'm not going to admit to that because I did not. All you have to do is say I walked away from poop. It's very simple. Listen please enough. Let me alone. Okay. This is a doctor's office. I don't have time for your. Enough. Is Enough. Yeah. This is exactly what you've been leaving around the neighborhood. I'M NOT GONNA say a walk away from poop. You're. I. Believe. That I am not going to say it. said. You want to

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