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Of the GOP. First, a self described proud Islamophobes. President Trump has fired off a series of tweets touting the wind of Laura Lou Marie, far right activists who just won the Republican nomination in Florida's 21st district. Loomer is known for calling Islam quote a cancer on humanity. And then there's Q Marjorie Taylor Greene. Is now likely to win. US House eating Georgia this November. Serve in Congress embrace the conspiracy group Q and on and other racist and offensive attacks. Which brings us to a total of 11 Q and on supporting Republican nominees to run for Congress in the fall ballot. For those who understandably resist encoding. This kind of information Q is the anonymous conspiracy theorists who claims that the deep status out to foil Donald Trump's efforts to save America from Democrats, Hollywood actors, sexual predators, state mists and cannibals? There have been violent crimes associated with Q and on and the FBI has labeled the group A domestic terrorism threat. The president

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