Sixers Down 2-0, 1 Seeds Both Lose, Tatis, and Ranked: Worst Parts About Being a Sports Fan - burst 10


Props for got encounter won't on the game result it just actually that's not true by the eagles the eagles I really don't panelists who was a primetime game that doesn't count. Here's a lot of rules pry. It's pretty much anytime. You don't have that on a one o'clock game at home against the. NFC West. That's only rule. Let's get eagles sitting here to break this up. This sounds like a pity party for a guy who has a nine percents when the number one pick tomorrow a you've got nothing alright Eagleson. You've got a minute a bring up the clock and count him down. This is what the puck the CAP stayed. Alive Event Skin Beagle flyers were they about to be down if they lose say. Eagle said your first four seconds of this. I know the flyers and the haves are playing right now tell me where they are in the game and what the scores the rear three. To

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