Translating The Tantra Without Syllables and The Blazing Lamp Tantra

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So welcome. Malcolm. Thank you for joining us again Daniel. Again. Good. See you and so I thought. Before we get into the actual text I thought just for the general audience if you could talk a little bit about seventeen contras When they came to bet who brought them, what their purpose in what they're why this important and then we'll get into the ticket volumes that we've just published nephew. Okay. So just a brief resume at some point after shocking money but A. Passed away into in near Bonnet, it's not really clear exactly when shocking anybody is one of the twelve teachers, specific absorb Chen with beginning with the Buddha Dhamma and the first e on and going through a succession of eleven further manifestations which shocked many but it was the last however shocking anybody did not. Teach Chan directly by there is a, there's a prediction somewhere. that that garbage was going to come and teach the vehicle beyond causing results. So, typically speaking in, Buddhism we divide in Tibetan Buddhism. We divide generally speaking to there's the the Janas into three. The first two shelby on my hyeon are considered to be the vehicles the 'cause. Then within my on itself, there's a subdivision into cause and result vehicles and so on is considered to be the vehicle a results. specifically however, zone Chan in the grand tradition of Buddhist triumphalism proposes that it's the it's it's the vehicle beyond causing result. So, really there's three things. So anyway, garb doors Jay we don't exactly know when he lived chugging. I'm Kinda Norbu. Calculated that garb door jay was born in fifty five ad based on his his understanding of calculation but we don't really know with any certainty. in any event, and then there's three different lineages absorb chance. So we have what's known as the someday lineage. Has a long lineage twenty-one Masters from Garb Door J. DOWN TO SRI sing. Ha, and there's long day which has more or less the same short lineage as Medoc de which is the third series. So that would be the mind some people translate this as mine series, space series and then. INTERMIT- instruction series. Now, originally, garb door according to the low Joo Chan Mo of the intake. Garb door Georgia taught six point four, million, Shlo- Kaz, zone Chen not all of that was translated into Tibet into Tibetan a lot of it was left in India. of those six point four, million Schlaug is absorbed Chen and some tax. You've see this Tonga's Montjeu she meter who is his immediate disciple who was a pun vita from Nalanda supposedly who came to debate him and. Lost and in his humiliation over being defeated debate by a young boy. was going to cut out his tongue but garb Georgia said, you know don't do that instead you need to write this tech called Tex called troops some gum. which is very interesting text, actually and in many ways and forms the sort of structural basis in particular for tax like runs I'm choking deep does introduction to my outta systems and so on and so forth. Anyway without getting too far afield module meter divided up zone teachings into what we call the three series. This is according to the larger Chen Mo in the Human Jake, then the his student. Assure Sing, haw- then took the intimate instruction series and divided it into

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