#CrowderDNCStream!! HodgeTwins and Andrew Klavan Guest! | Louder with Crowder - burst 05


Liberties or yeah who? Noted refile. Genesis John Legend. It'd be on the show All right. Let me see. Let's see you guys know Buddha judge. Guys. What do you? What do you predict cook? What about Gavin newsom now? Hey Kisha land bottoms. That's right up wheelhouse. Bottoms. Mom. Tammy Baldwin ducks worse any opinions. Ducks worth. Ten depth work and that's what I thought. Asian I duNno I thought maybe you get. Senator Chris coons. Hoon's. Performance. By John Legend and common. Performance. Who is almost worse common. The Guy who looks like tyra banks's brother but isn't Tara banks brother that guy I think. Skin he's bald right. Light is. He's got dark is I'm thinking of Tyra, his brother, the guy who wasn't dodgeball which I know listen I know sounds tone-deaf. You have lighter is when I see when I meet really darker black guys, Let's light is It scares me. Racist. is in the Queen of the damned film. Empires. That We all had to act like that we will. Talent like have to do with Cardi B. and just

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