145: Statamic 3.0 and Tailwind CSS 2.0

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In this episode of Full Stack Radio and Jack. mcdade talk about stanic three point. Oh, in some of the interesting things we're working on for Tailwind two point Oh this is full stack radio episode, one, hundred and forty five. Today I'm welcome to the show Jack mcdade was up at him. So worth explaining transcendental different for the podcast for a little while here. Interviews for years and years and years, but some of my favorite podcast. So podcast where you kinda follow along with what a couple people are actually up to and working on and listen to their progress sort of week to week and I thought it'd be fun to try do not myself instead of just doing the same thing, I'd still like to do interviews here narrow but I got a lot of fun stuff going on that I would like to talk about and bats ideas off other people on it. I thought WE TRY and change it up a little bit. So for while here, Jack. Jackie, Boy Jack Dato is going to be joining me. Every every episode or two weeks one we kinda how often we're going to do it and you know we're just GonNa kind of tell tell our story as the kind of things are happening into and see see how it goes and see what people think in to see if you enjoy the the content that we're injecting into your ears. So yeah, don't forget to subscribe so. Yes exactly A. To roller happens and Yeah. If you like this say so so let me say. So, for anyone who is not familiar reject mcdade, this is the This is the data intro that I would give I. Always think it's better to. On their behalf I think I learned that from someone at some point, I used to ask people on full radio, introduce themselves all the time. And I. think it makes more sense for me just introduce people like it I'm sitting back I'm in my beanbag in my closet ready to Lezak. Introduction. So Jack mcdade Jack Dade. I met Jack mcdade many years ago in the in the Lavelle community Maybe probably the first time we ever had a conversation probably twenty fourteen probably something like that. Jack is a full stack developer and designer and entrepreneur and writer and lover of Neon, and all things retro thorough and Jack Run static or dynamic depending on which mispronunciation you feel like using on any given day. No one ever remembers which one is right. You think you got it right? Because you're trying to say the opposite of the one that you said last time, but you never know for sure but I think it is static. That's I. Don't care what you call it as long as you use it that's my reply. Santa is a cms built in Larry Bell that uses staff files to store all your contents so that you can do all sorts of interesting things like more easily manage multiple environments and keep important stuff in version control instead of a database on your blue host account. And They've been working on version three for a long time which I think is coming to a close and that's probably what I'm guessing you're deep in the middle of right now. So. Welcome back Jack. Thank you. Adam. That was a great intro. Very accurate and very thorough. Exact the days of two, thousand fourteen we hung out somewhere. Yeah. I think maybe just on this podcast was probably the first conversation that we actually had. Yeah I when I Y- pro- probably true I think fifteen I talked about photo shoot this like dropbox powered photo gallery sites, APP thing that that we made and was kind of. Like mediocre and sold it for mediocre amount of money and then it shut down. So that was a good if that's all you know about me. I've I've done some stuff since then. Feel. Like you. You're probably on the show another time was that the only time on your show just the once seriously. Unless my my Google Fu so had you on the show to talk about something that you worked on for four weeks and then never did anything on ever again. But never to talk about like the thing that you actually do put into yeah. Not Not even dig it. Goes. Man So What do you WanNa talk about what have you been up to? So I mean you nailed it we are working on static three We announced it I think I was six. I was I just learned to ride a two wheel like and I said. Virgin threes, coming. In fast forward. Thirty one years here. I am It's how it feels as I mean at the at the one inch yard line. That's not doesn't make sense at the one yard line fourth and inches ready to I don't even watch a Lotta sports why using sports as a metaphor we're almost done and every every Monday. It's like, all right. We're GonNa Watch on Wednesday and then on Wednesday that close throat like probably, Monday? Yeah we're that close like we are so close that maybe Maybe, before this episode is live were launched. Nice. So you don't know what is the current status like the today is Monday three, ten pm eastern time yes. Is this a we're launching on Wednesday moment right now? No, no, no, no, no, no, no no. So on Friday I thought it was this next coming Wednesday, and then at four thirty, I found a section of the site that had been completely missed by my redesign and. Now. It's not just like it's not a lipstick page. It's like it's like a whole you X. thing.

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