Tulsi Gabbard Named Democratic Nominee After Discovery Of Obscure Rule That Grants Nomination To Whoever Wins 0.7% Of The Vote In Missouri

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Massive news from the Democratic National Convention today. US. Representative. Tulsi Gabbard has been named the party's presidential nominee. After DNC vice chairman, Peter may burst into a press conference brandishing dusty copy of the democratic. Party's original eighteen twenty eight charter to announce shocking discovery an obscure rule granting the nomination to whomever wins zero point seven percent of the primary vote in the state of Missouri Opr. CHEAP, political correspondent. Dirk mullins was on the scene and joins us now dirk this was quite a one eighty, right leslie truly one of the most unexpected political turnarounds in US history Tolsey Gabbard, the representative from Hawaii who dropped out of the presidential race and nearly six months ago has now gained the nomination mere moments before Joe Biden was due to become the party's official nominee take a listen. Please folks folks. Let me finish. And I quote from the document itself. Sorry. It's a little dusty. It is here to unanimously decreed. That the candidate, whomsoever procures betwixt the margin of six tenths and eight tenths of the vote in The Majesty state of Missouri Beneath the Pale blood moon. In fallow season shall be made our party's nominee for chief executive. It is a dramatic shakeup that caught even the DNC off guard after they discovered the parchment based rule book locked away in a hidden chamber sealed deep below their archives well. It would've been nice to know this back in March. Obviously. We're GONNA need to destroy a lot of Biden twenty twenty merchandise and we had a lot of folks voting during a pandemic for primary that was essentially meaningless. But ultimately, my hands are tied she one zero point seven percent of the Missouri. Vote. What else are we supposed to do while truly unprecedented but what does this mean? For? Democrats in two, thousand, twenty well, it's not good representative or I should say nominee Gabbard has virtually no name recognition and she's pulling in the low single decimal points no one has been able. To get in touch with her either due to her lack of any staff or campaign infrastructure. Frankly, we're not even sure what platform consists of something like ending foreign military bases. I don't really remember now Tulsi Gabbard cheese the senator from Massachusetts. Correct. Now I believe you're thinking of Elizabeth Warren Mistake, it's the one with the crystal the self-help one Marianne Williamson Oh interesting. well, I've got to admit I have no idea who you're talking about then but with that said, she did win the exact sliver of the vote in Missouri that counts in terms of receiving the presidential nomination. That's all that matters right now, what does the Biden campaign saying? This must be a disappointment for them. It certainly is they're searching for a workaround by arguing this decision is superseded by an even. Older precolonial taxed that magnificant democracy him from sixteen, Eighty two. That's the old pamphlet about how to keep Goblins from emerging out of hell and overrunning a functioning democracy. Right? That's right now, those passages suggest only papist like Joe Biden for example, has the power to resist the quote devils. Karnal source laments so far though the Democratic Party has stuck to its guns on this point seven percent of Missouri principle though. Tolsey two, thousand, twenty or bust incredible. It looks that way. We haven't seen this big of a shakeup since John Quincy Adams to the White House due to a loophole in the Electoral College granting the presidency to any candidate born with six toes on his left foot. Really stunning news. Thanks for the report dirk that's Dirk

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