You are not in turkey. You're not in Russia,


In Saudi Arabia. You were in the United States of America. It is a democracy. So why don't you just Try for a moment to honor your oath of office Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell vowing an orderly transition as has been done since the nation's founding. Of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, dealing a blow to Republicans and the legal fight over the deadline for mail ballots in the presidential battleground state. The court rejecting without comment Thursday request by Republicans to put on hold its decision to extend the deadline for receiving and continuing mail in ballots. Accounting mail in ballots. Excuse me. But Republicans are now likely to ask the Supreme Court to intervene. New this morning the U. S nearing seven million corona virus cases, according to Johns Hopkins University. The virus has killed more than 202,000 people, Another 44,110 cases in 914 new fatalities reported Thursday. New York wants the epicenter of the U. S outbreak is now aiming to become the first covert free state that, according to Governor, Andrew Cuomo, He said Thursday he'll set up his own review board to double check any federally approved covert 19 vaccine, citing his distrust of the president, even though US scientists say no corners will be cut. Cuomo also shaming those who don't wear masks for the fall. Let's learn from the summer

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