Solved Murders: The Story of Helen Potts

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Hi Listeners. You've probably heard US introduce this show before, but it's latest two part episode is so good. We had to share it with you. I'm talking, of course about solved murders, true crime mysteries. The weekly show that explores the days months and even years leading up to the closure of a seemingly unquenchable case. And now, here's part one of our episode. On Helen Potts. Her murder became one of the most sensationalized cases of the nineteenth century. To hear part to head to the solved murders show page on spotify and listen. Free. Due to the graphic nature of this murder case listener discretion is advised this episode includes dramatization sin discussions of violence drug use and pregnancy loss that some people may find offensive. We advise extreme caution for children under thirteen. On the night of January, Thirty First Eighteen, ninety young ladies of the comstock finishing school returned to campus after an evening the New York. City. Symphony. It was late nearly eleven pm and they were ready to go straight to sleep. The girls filed into their rooms and prepared for bed three of the Young Women Francis Carson Rachel Cookson and Bertha. Rockwell took care to keep quiet because their roommate helen pods was asleep. Helen had been feeling sick complaining about frequent headaches. That night she decided to stay home and rest. The. Girls tried not to disturb her but Helen woke up anyway. Who? I'm sorry Hell where we too loud. Girls I've been having such beautiful dreams. I dreamed I was with Carl you better go back to sleep. Then the man of your dreams will be missing you. The, girls turned down the gas lamp and went to bed. But before they had a chance to drift to sleep a low moan filled the room. Although Helen had seemed in good spirits minutes before her health had taken a sudden turn for the worse. One of her roommates rush to her bedside. What's Wrong Helen I feel strange. Tinguely numb. Don't. Just still.

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