Ring’s latest security camera is a drone that flies around inside your house


Is called the ring always home cam. It's a little miniature drom and it has a base that will charge the battery but when an alarm is detected, for instance, like that sliding glass door open. The drone. COMES UP. Starts flying and flies to whatever part of your home that there's a security violation so that you can then watch on your phone. If you're not there, you can watch it and see what's going on. That's I and the drone will map your entire home. So if you say fly, you can tell it. If you want to manually do you WANNA say, Hey, fly to the kitchen and let me see there it will fly through your house and go into the kitchen and you'll be able to watch the live video feed of that. That's pretty sweet. That's neat. But that Robert laughed, he's like Oh, no drawn. DERNIE weapons whereas make us I don't think there's a weapon on it, but you're going to be caught on video now. So he knows that you you're caught on video the

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