Okay. What authorities think caused Yesterday's massive house explosion. Jacqueline Scott in the


Think caused Yesterday's massive house explosion. Jacqueline Scott in the okay, you center. This is Oklahoma's first news. Sunny and warm today are forecast is coming up. Investigators with the Oklahoma LP Gas administration believe it was ah homemade log lighting device connected to a propane system that caused yesterday's House explosion. In northeast Oklahoma City that killed a 14 year old girl and injured her parents and brother, safety code enforcement officer Nicholas NATO says log lighters are illegal with an LP system shut off in case of another plane, You're just going to make paper propane viper inside of the residence, causing mass amount of volume that will lead to an explosion. They believe the propane papers were ignited when the father fled in a coffee maker. The girl who died has been identified his Berkeley Maguire Her father, Sean, is in serious condition, and her mother, Tandy and brother, Aiden, suffered burn injuries. Oklahoma Congressman Cabin Hearn is among those pushing for the House to pass a bill that would allow small businesses to apply for a second loan through the Paycheck protection program, he says. Democratic leaders are preventing any action on that bill, he says. Passing the bill will save jobs doing nothing. Wilson those same people to the unemployment line. President Trump is doubling down on his criticism of mail in voting well. Congress is promising a peaceful transition of power. Actually, Strohmeyer reports the president once again voicing his frustration on whether this election would be fair due to the ballot issue comes after news conference at the White House where Trump wouldn't say whether or not there would be a peaceful transfer. Ocean of power left

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