Never Underestimate The Value Of Peoples Time #1015



Just back from the annual checkup and today's revelation after going through a medical checkup at a hospital for the day, is that sometimes people just don't really value your time and the reason I say that is I had the morning scheduled for the annual health screening thing and the afternoon for a couple of other checkups without the specialist for me and my wife. But, a couple of things happened firstly the day before they tried to call me and reschedule some of the other appointments in the afternoon. Can you come in the morning? We'll now account because how the procedure sorted out. Now eventually, they managed to reschedule their end not mine. But. The other thing that happens is when this morning they said Oh well unfortunately this test we don't do at the moment because of covid and that test that machines not available. But you can still do it. It's patio package because you've paid for. So you can come back and do it in two weeks time. Well, that's not what I WANNA do I tried to coordinate everything on the one day so I can knock it off all on the one day. Now, I'm going to have to take another day or foiled or half of work I'm going to have to try and schedule different things. Timing is my major concern wasn't necessarily price. It was a question timing. And the amount of time it was going to take me to get this stuff sorted out. And I think it's an important lesson for a lot of people to remember the business because I don't think we think enough about how much people have dom to get to our business to get to our store to get to our hotel spa to buy a product or service it's not just the sacrifice of their money. It's a sacrifice of the time and for some people that's an easy thing. Some people not so much some people might have had to organize a babysitter for example, to get to the hotel they might have had to organize. carpooling with the wife for the kids that might have had a day off work or an afternoon or a couple of hours somebody to cover. There's always a consideration of time and I don't think enough businesses really think about what I have gone through to get to you and I think if you stop thinking about things through those is and through that Lens, I think we've become a lot more compassionate and. Considerate when it comes to making people wait rescheduling people those kind of things. So I just think it's important that we realize that people have a value to their time. It varies from person to person but I think it's important that you don't underestimate the value. You should value their time for them coming to your business as much as he'd already that is it for today I do thank you for your time. and. We'll be back again tomorrow. So yeah.

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