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Governor Gavin Newsom earlier this week talking about well, just look outside your window there. Smoke everywhere, ash blanketing doorsteps. Orange skies. The air quality is hazardous in lots of California, especially if you have respiratory issues. And even if you don't Too much of this. Will. You were going to talk about this now with Dr Rey Za RHA Nagi. He's a pulmonologist at U C l a medical center. Hello. Hi. Thank you for having me. Well, it's wonderful to have you. Well, even if you don't live right near one of these fires, the smoke seems to be everywhere. Here in Southern California and really, really bad in Northern California. So how bad is the air quality these days? Every day is getting a little bit worse. Obviously, Northern California has had it worse for the past. About week or so. So and now we're starting to see it get worse on a day to day basis and so buy like you said. Just looking outside. We're starting to see a lot of kind of smoke filling the air. Air quality has just been getting worse every day in Southern California in northern California and even central I mean, it's just all over California. And if you smell the air, and it smells like a campfire is that a good indication that the air quality is bad smell and by just looking outside is actually not going to be a great indicator in terms of is the smoke particles in the air. Now, typically, if you look outside and there's a lot of smoke, or you know you smell it. Obviously, that was at the extreme conditions and those suggests that yes, the air quality is extremely extremely poor. However, even in the scenario that you may not see or smell it, these particles can still exist in the air. We're talking about micro millimeter sized particles that you may not be able to detect the smell or visually see, so it is important to keep that in mind as the fires get better. These particles may still be there.

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