So President Trump of the White House


That's the right backing track for that moment, President Winston Salem, a spontaneous organic, we love you. We love you. Baron Boris Epstein's teacher invites the Trump campaign is in studio for one segment. Why does he treat us to a slap up lunch? And that's how our schedule gets distorted in a good way, But he's back bar is In your mind because you have that historical mind. Has that ever happened in a Biden rally? Being the thing with the circles with full people. Yeah, I was thinking that I was looking at a picture of his set up for that sad event he had in Michigan yesterday. What? Pre taped an interview with Jake tapper that will air you know, five days after, but literally two days after when they have a picture that set up and they start those circles on the ground. Do they think Americans can't figure out where to sit? Circles. A magic Corona virus can't get through this so the European virus can't go through the circles. You know that book in the China virus. Lord, No. I have to ask Cuomo school, but there's a lot. I mean, it looks so bad. Who am I kidding? Got game was something Isn't it? Time? I might get my four year old love that I will say this That no matter what one thinks of Joe Biden, no matter what one thinks of democracy, I think Joe Biden only charitable Now you wasn't this's not sharing. This is not whatever you think of Joe Biden, who I think is decrepit and completely enough. Whatever you think of the Democrats won't think you're a mess. This Biden campaign is one of the worst dumped dumpster fires I have ever in my life seen. I mean, there's that was, uh, Andrew Bates. They got keep bench field. It's just terrible. Who does their advance Who in their right mind would think you know what's a good idea? Let's put it in circles and we've got four chairs, or did you see the picture over the weekend on labor name? The president of the United Tweeted distributor. Yes, the factotum of the United States. Looking

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